For over 20 years Greenville Produce has supplied eastern North Carolina
with the finest, most fresh fruits and vegetables at its disposal

Greenville Produce Co.
1060 Taylors Creek Dr
Greenville, NC 27834‎

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We are proud to say that we serve some of the greatest, well known restaurants in Eastern North Carolina. We hope to one day service them all.

As a wholesale company, we stress the importance of relationship over any other facets of business.A strong relationship comes from good communication and sacrifice of time to ensure a job well done. We see the product from the supplier to the end user. This makes our relationship with our suppliers just as important as those with our customers. In this industry it is all about relationships and customer service.This is our business motto.

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We are grateful to know you have taken interest in our business and thank you for checking us out. We
would love to learn more about yours and have the opportunity to service you. For more information on
what we have in store for you check out our products page.

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